How can we replace a missing tooth?

How can we replace a missing tooth?


A denture can be constructed to replace a missing tooth but it is bulky, uncomfortable covers your natural tissues and harbours bacteria and will become lose over time.

Replacing a missing tooth with a denture


A bridge can be secured onto your natural teeth, but this will require some enamel being removed if the bridge is designed to be a long term solution. A bridge will usually last up to 3 to 5 years. Metal wings hold this type of bridge in place. Metal wings can discolour teeth.

Replace a missing tooth - metal bridge

If your teeth either side of your missing teeth have already been restored are broken down, or you haven’t got space for a bridge with metal wings we can construct bridges which are held on by your natural teeth. The teeth are filed down to have a bridge fitted over them. This will affect the life span of the teeth supporting the porcelain bridge. We expect this type of structure to last around 15 years.

Replace a missing tooth - porcelain bridge


Single Implant.  If you lose a tooth it can affect how you eat, speak and the rest of your teeth will lack some support. A dental implant can replace your missing tooth and feel very secure. When the implant is finally restored you will have a replacement tooth without damaging adjacent teeth or have to have your teeth filed down for a bridge, live with a gap or wear a denture.

Replace a missing tooth with a dental implant

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