CT Scan

CT Scan

What is a CT scan?

A 3 dimensional x-ray which creates a cross sectional picture of your bone in your jaw.

A dental cone beam CT scanner uses x-rays to create a 3 dimensional

Cross sectional picture of your bones in your jaw.


What happens when I have a CT SCAN?

The neckline moves around your head in a circular motion, and like all x-ray pictures you need to remain still to get a sharp good image.

You are seated for the CT scan image.

You will be carefully positioned and asked to remove dentures, earrings and glasses.

The process takes a few minutes and once the scan is over you are free to go home.


Is there an alternative?

No.  This is the only way we can assess the position, quality and quantity of the bone you have.

It will show any potential problems related to your teeth, and the major nerves and bone spaces in your jaw.

A dental CT scan uses considerably less x-ray than a medical CT scan.

A CT scan of your upper and lower jaw is the equivalent radiation dose of 12.30 days of normal background radiation.

The procedure is not painful, but you should mention to the person taking the scan if you are pregnant or have claustrophobia.

Once the scan is complete your dentist will receive the x-ray report usually within a couple of weeks. 

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