Patient Care & Costs

Patient Care & Costs

Implant Costs

Our prices start from £1950 all inclusive for a single implant


The Patients Journey

Step 1: Consultation & Planning your Treatment – the pre-treatment journey

The most important stage of treatment.  Correct and thorough planning is critical.  A consultation will establish a personalised and detailed treatment plan individually tailored to each patient’s needs.  Treatment options and procedures will be clearly outlined so informed choices can be made.


Step 2:  Implant placement

The procedure itself is remarkably straight forward.  The placement of a small titanium screw permanently replaces the missing tooth root.  A temporary tooth is then provided whilst the implant integrates with the jaw-bone (taking approximately 8 – 12 weeks).


Step 3:  The Implant Crown

The permanent crown is carefully crafted to look and feel like a healthy, natural tooth perfectly matching your own.  The implant is designed to be completely realistic and the confidence the implant will provide will be immeasurable.


Step 4: Treatment after Care

Implants require the same care and maintenance as natural teeth and if they are looked after, can last a lifetime restoring dental confidence and providing long term value.

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